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Options for Sending Jewelry

FastCashGold Provides A Free Jewelry Return Pack

What Types of Items You Can Sell

FastCashGold buys earrings, bracelets, wedding and engagement rings, lockets, class rings, chains and old, unattractive pieces of jewelry. We also buy ANY gold, silver or platinum items.

Why Sell Diamond Rings to FastCashGold

FastCashGold offers an innovative answer to the person who wants to sell his or her diamond ring. Instead of trekking to pawn shops and jewelry buyers all over town, those who want to use FastCashGold’s system simply request a Refiner’s Pak in the mail, which they fill with their old gold, diamond rings and ship back to FastCashGold at no cost. And because FastCashGold appraises the items the same day they get there, a check can be quickly mailed or direct deposited to you. Of course, you have 12 days from the date on the check to decide you’d rather keep than sell your diamond wedding ring.

Selling diamond rings can be an excellent way to give your bank account a boost when you have old rings that you no longer wear and have no sentimental value to you. Leaving these rings at home to collect dust and emotions is not earning you any cash. But by selling diamond engagement rings, you can get the money you need to get ahead, to buy something special, to treat yourself to a night on the town, or to give to your favorite charity. Selling diamond wedding rings, then, means earning money and the power to decide what to do with it.

Why Sell to FastCashGold

Why Sell Your Broken Jewelry

Selling your broken jewelry provides you with an added source of money that can ease the financial burdens associated with unexpected expenses, purchasing items that you need or want, and even being capable of placing some money aside for later use. Additionally, for some people who have been impacted through job loss or a loss in wages, selling broken jewelry can provide an immediate source of income to take care of essential living needs.

Another reason you might want to consider selling your old or broken jewelry is that the process is quite safe. A reputable company will mail a return pack to the consumer upon request. Our Refiner’s Return Pak is pre-addressed, pre-insured, (up to $100) and postage paid. A Refiner’s Return Pak is generally delivered in an armored truck and taken into the high security facility. The items are then matched with the shipping list in the package, photographed, weighed and tested. If the item has no value, it is returned to the customer upon request, or discarded. Once the value of the item(s) is determined, a check for the amount owed to the customer is cut the same day and mailed out. When the customer accepts the payment, the transaction is concluded. This process ensures that whatever items the customer is attempting to sell are protected and that the transaction is completed with peace of mind.