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Hi…I just want to thank you! I received my check today and I am more than happy. Friends have told me to avoid ‘pawn’ shops as I likely would not be treated fairly. They had had poor experiences. FastCashGold treated me both fairly and respectfully. I would not hesitate to use FastCashGold again! - Cheryle Brown
I was hesitant at first, but I needed some cash so I decided to try FastCashGold… Sure glad I did…I receive a check yesterday for $1,100 and change.. Would I use FastCashGold again? Yes without any hesitation… The staff are great and worked with me right through then end.. Thank you guys Raquel… - Racquel McKenzie
I needed exactly $100.00 for a bill. To me, my jewelry look like it was worth $50.00 or less. In less than 7 days I received a ckeck for $132.00. I dance a praise and Told the Lord thank you, so it is my turn to say to the staff at FastCashGold, thank you thank you so very much. - Jackie

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The mail-in gold buyer

In this economy, who couldn’t use a couple of bucks by cleaning out things you don’t wear anymore? I would be embarrassed to take these useless, broken things to anyone. But, from the comfort of your home, you get to put these things in a mailer (no postage on your part) and get a check with an itemized list, and you can get your stuff back in 10 days if you desire. I just requested a second mailer for my silver. I don’t feel like going somewhere and having them sneer at me for a broken chain or charms. I’m extremely happy. If you think you don’t have much, do what I did and go through what you have, things you don’t use or haven’t used in years, and give it up already! Or advertise on Craig’s List, but that’s not going to work, too many people are hurting, not buying. Good luck. This is a sure thing and a fast payment! - Tami
Thank you so much for returning the items that I decided not to sell. You are the nicest business I have been in contact with, but did not do business with. Everyone I talked with was professional and did just what they said they would. I bet you have a good BBB rating and you deserve it. Maybe later I can use your service. - Joanne Mize
Just wanted to say thanks! I received my $205.00 check yesterday! Awesome! Very, very pleased. Pawnshop didn’t even come close. - Luis
Thank you for your GREAT customer service. Especially the phone call I received today. - Dawn Swearingen
Thank you so much for your fast action. I am very pleased with your service. - Karin Beardsley
Just wanted to say thank you for the whole process of the jewelry and determination of the value. All your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. Response in sending envelope, processing the jewelry, sending back check with items listed and their value. I would refer your company without hesitation to people and will use your company again without doubt. Thank you again. - Faith Smallwood
I think this is a brilliant service. So quick. I would recommend it! Thank You! - Rita
“AWESOME!” That’s the one word that best describes my experience with FastCashGold. The transaction was secure, the process was swift and the customer service was superb (thanks Jonathan V)! Accolades to the FastCashGold team. You’re “worth your weight in gold.” - Denise
Hello, I have to tell you how thrilled I am with your company. I sent you a package last Monday and today I received a very generous check of $26.25. I was so happy. I didn’t know if I had anything worth any value. I thank you for taking the time to look at all I sent to you. You are fantastic! First I didn’t write down the right tracking number and Justin found it for me. Then I forgot to write my Driver’s License number and Justin took care of that for me. Then I get this check, almost overnight. I am singing your praises and I will tell everyone I know about your company!! Thank you so much. - Jeanine
The service was great. I had a few question about the shipping process and I emailed them with a prompt reply in a matter of 20 minutes, clarifying everything. I sent in my old jewelry and was awarded with a check that I was fully satisfied with! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, IT !! Would recommend FastCashGold to everyone I know! - Sumbell
Just wanted to let you know I received my check and am very pleased. I will be sending in more items. This is the first time I have sent items in. I was thrilled to receive the check. I was hesitant to use FastCashGold at first. Now, if I have any more gold to turn in, this is where I am going to go from now on. It was overall a great experience. - Emelita G
I received a check for $50 dollars for two rings that had had the diamonds cut out, and was practically worthless…until I received my check! The process couldn’t have been simpler.- A.J.
The service by FastCashGold was welcoming. Everything was quick and easy. I had questions, they answered. Payment came with notification as requested. I even picked FastCashGold over local companies providing the same service. - Denice
First of all, I would like to thank the FastCashGold company for their timely responses and patience. I have received my check and I was very pleased. It is nice to finally see that there is a company that actually cares about their clientele. Happy Holidays! - Mrs. Samantha J. Rosa
When gold went up in price, I thought why not try. I had a few gold pieces lying around after years of not wearing them, or maybe lost one of the earrings. I requested a packet to send jewelry in, did the inventory, sent it in and within a few weeks had my check in my hand. If I had any concerns, I e-mailed FastCashGold and they replied the next day. Thank you, FastCashGold. - Mary Jo
I had seen the FastCashGold commercials on TV for quite some time and was hesitant to send my gold just anywhere. After going online and doing research, I decided that FastCashGold was the best option. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole process of sending my jewelry and payment. I did not expect to receive as much as I did. I have since told my friends about FastCashGold and they will be sending their gold and jewelry to you. - Aimee R.
My mom had given me jewelry from when she was married to my father. I really did need money as I had just had a little girl… I didn’t know what to do until I saw a FastCashGold advertisement on the television. So I sent in the jewelry and received a check just in time for my new lil girl to arrive. It helps out a lot when you can get money for your gold or broken jewelry. - Sheryl B
I was hesitant to use FastCashGold at first. Now, if I have any more gold to turn in, this is where I am going to go from now on. Service was very fast and responsive. Overall good. - Rusty
Hello, I received my check today and I’m very happy. I have to admit, I was a little worried at first, but I no longer have any doubts and will recommend FastCashGold to others and will use it again myself. I didn’t even expect this much; thanks again! - Chanel Pear
Just wanted to show my gratitude for how professionally Angela C. handled my claim…I’ve used FastCashGold several times and after this wonderful experience will continue to use and not even consider another service. - William S Campbell
Just wanted to let you know I received my check and am very pleased. I will be sending in more items. This is the first time I have sent items in. I was thrilled to receive the check. I am sending more items in tomorrow. I know it takes a while for the items to reach you, but once they do the check comes quickly. Thank you for this service especially with the economy the way it is right now. - Laurie Guy
I just want to thank you for your time and help, for there aren’t many out there in customer service that are willing to take that extra step that you have and reply to all e-mails are a blessing…keep up the great work and thanks again. - Cheryl Boudreault
I do appreciate you helping me! Seems like “good” customer service is rare these days! Especially personal service. Thank you. - Bonnie
My husband and I recently concluded our first transaction with FastCashGold and are very pleased with the amount we received; it is what we were hoping for. The transaction was as simple and quick as stated in the TV commercial. I was very impressed that all my emails were always promptly answered. And at the completion of the transaction, when I had a concern and addressed it to the CEO of the company, within about 15 minutes (much to my surprise), he called me on the phone himself and resolved the issue. That really showed me that this is a company who cares about their customers. I would recommend FastCashGold to anyone who wants to get rid of unwanted jewelry so that the money can be put to much better use. I am now on my second transaction with FastCashGold. - A. & D. Hanson
Just got it today- Wow ! wasn’t expecting that much – Merry Christmas! - Deborah
After seeing the FastCashGold commercials I decided to give it a try. I sent in my old jewelry. When I received my check I was pleasantly surprised! I never thought the jewelry i didn’t want could be worth that much! Thanks! - Kayla H.
Wow! That is excellent customer service!!!! I appreciate the quick response. It has been great doing business with FastCashGold and I will tell all my friends. - Lorraine
I just received my check and was pleasantly surprised. It was for the amount I was hoping for but wasn’t expecting! I only sent a few pieces of unused jewelry and quite honestly thought it wouldn’t be worth your time. I am telling all of my friends about you! - Judy
I very much appreciate the quick responses I get from FastCashGold. People I have done business with in the past NEVER answered my e-mails so I have refused to do business with them. In fact, I think I’ll check my jewelry armoire one more time. Thanks a million. -Rosalie
I wasn’t sure how true the FastCashGold company was so I decided to give it a try. What could I lose besides some old broken jewelry that I didn’t want anymore? I sent the jewelry to the company via FedEx last Wednesday and I just checked my back account a few minutes ago…WOW! I didn’t expect to receive the money (if at all any money) that I received… That was amazing and the money came right on time… LOL. Thank you FastCashGold, I will definitely tell others about your service. And I will use you again when I clean out my other jewelry box. Thank you again. -Jeane Bennett
Thank you so very much for helping me. After I get some more jewelry together I will be sending that as well. -Brenda
Thanks to your wonderful service, I am now able to give my son a Christmas. -Anne
Thank you for your quick response. You guys are great. I will be sure to recommend your business to all of my family and friends. Its nice to find a business such as yours that responds to your customers in a timely fashion. -Sarah Chambers
I would like to thank FastCashGold on the fast response on my scrap gold. It was handled in a professional manner. And I would highly recommend anyone else that has old unwanted or gold that is not needed to send it in and turn it into cash. -Ken Jones
I want to say that I was very pleased with my service from FastCashGold. I got on the phone with customer service and was treated with incredible respect. I was very pleased with the amount. After first being cautious about the whole process FastCashGold made a satisfied customer out of me. -Melissa S.
I loved using FastCashGold. I received my kit and within a week and a half or so I received my settlement. I spoke with your manager Larry and without any hesitation he worked things out for the better. He was great as was your customer service. You made the whole process simple and easy. It is greatly appreciated! I will absolutely recommend your company to friends and family. -Jill Holmes
I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think your service is! It is simple and effortless. You take all the work out of the process. All you do is mail your jewelry in the postage paid envelope you provide and wait for your check. I would and will recommend you to all my friends and family. -Allyson Benowitz
FastCashGold is great!! I received my check today and I was thrilled!!! Such a professional group and I have already referred a friend and am sending for another kit myself. I had old jewelry just stored away that’s been there for years and I was so happy I could turn it into cash…Thanks for being so professional and the processing was really fast. I will be doing more business with you as well as my friends. -K Harrison
Patience is truly a virtue. I was a little skeptical about sending my old jewelry through the mail. The wait was nerve wrecking which was probably due to my inner doubts. I even emailed FastCashGold informing you that I was unable to track my items. You promptly explained the waiting process. After a little less then two weeks I received a check. It was triple what I expected it to be. I was surprised and thrilled. I would recommend FastCashGold to everyone. I’m off to the mall for a semi-shopping spree!!! THANKS FastCashGold!!!! -Lisa
I am very happy with FastCashGold and the way that my things were treated. I had a huge jewelry box of stuff hanging around for many years that I did not like or would even wear. When I saw this ad on the TV I was a little afraid to just send you my things, but it all worked out and now I am sending more bags to you. I got some money for my things and I am very happy. The way I figure is that it was just sitting there so now with the money I can get something that I really want and will wear, so I figure that it worked out well for both of us. This is a really great idea for people that don’t know what to do with all of the “stuff” that doesn’t mean anything anymore. Good job FastCashGold!!!! - Denise
Thank you so much, your service is wonderful….I like doing business with a company so organized….I will check all my gold and will send it as soon as I receive the kit…and of course will also recommend to my friends and co-workers. -Cynthia
Thank you so much for helping me get the cash I need! You guys are terrific! I going to tell everyone who needs some extra cash about you guys! Thank You once again for Blessing Our Household. -Jo Ann Lewis
I saw the commercial on TV., sent for the kit , gathered all my broken gold pieces, rings, charms etc. and sent it in… My friends and family laughed at me and said I had just lost gold that I could have pawned and gotten the money then. Today… I just got my check , very sizable for what I sent in, and I’m the one laughing now! Thank You FastCashGold , I now have extra $$ to take to Cancun! -Marci
I couldn’t be happier with the payment I received and the excellent customer service. The processing time was very fast! FastCashGold – you are the best. -Ginger
Thank you very much for offering a hassle free service where I can turn the unused jewelry in my house into money! No longer do I have to feel that I need to hold onto the mismatched earrings. I don’t have to keep waiting for the day that I get my broken chains and bracelets fixed. I can turn them into CASH and then go out and buy myself new replacements. I would have never imagined that a handful of mismatched earrings could amount to over $30.00, but it did! Now I understand that I can also send you the silver service that sits in a cupboard because I don’t feel like polishing it for service. It is just too valuable to give up. I am excited to cash it in and get new practical service to use for the holidays! The turnaround time for a check is very quick as well. I am also amazed that I get a personal response when I have a question almost immediately. Thank you FastCashGold, you have made my life easier in ways I cannot even express. -Angela Smith
I saw your add on TV about redeeming cash for old gold such as coins, rings, necklaces, dental, and other precious metals. I called and received my free information in as little as three days. The package came with all the instructions which were simple, quick, and easy. I packed all my items in the easy and secured pouch and returned it to you. I was glad to understand that it was insured against loss or damage. The transaction was smooth and quick. I received my check within three days. I was totally satisfied with the results. -Gordon